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· Trump calls cancellation of Singapore meeting "setback", DPRK says ready for talks    · China urges Australia to remove "colored glasses" when handling relations with China    · China, Oman announce establishment of strategic partnership    · China issues yellow alert for rainstorms    · Beijing int'l service trade fair to be held    · Guangdong FTZ provides incentives to draw talent    · China's Hainan Airlines launches Tianjin-Vancouver direct flight    · Debt market set to further liberalize    · Qualcomm bets big on AI-enabled chip    · Nestle sells raw milk facility in China   
More farm imports Experts said a moderate increase in agricultural imports is essential.
Lenovo rebuts rumor it failed to back Huawei on 5G issues Lenovo rebuts rumor it failed to back Huawei on 5G issues.
Germany is invited to seize opportunities created by China's new round of opening-up, and the two countries should cooperate more on industries of the future, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday.
Russian President Vladimir Putin met here Thursday with Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, and they agreed to further boost bilateral cooperation for the benefit of both countries and the whole world.
Consumer confidence index in the first quarter reached its highest level in the past 10 years, buoyed by an improved macroeconomic outlook and better employment prospects, Nielsen's latest survey showed on Thursday.
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